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amanda louli portfolio design art illustrator


I'm a self-learned illustration artist who loves to draw & create both digitally as traditionally.
My heart is beating strongly for bold colours, groovy beats, mixed cultures & palm trees.

With a life full of drawing + graduation in motion graphic design, I made my passion my profession in 2020.
I love to portray expressions and subjects with impact and you'll recognize my art by its energetic colour palette, often inspirational icons -& music related. Art is a genetic way for me to express in and I'm eager to jump into new ideas and challenges. 

My home areas:  Digital illustration - Traditional sketching & drawing - Book/Album Covers - Graphic design (Logo, Banner, Poster, Lay out,
Buisness card, Menu, Marketing Material, Presentation etc) - Wall painting design

I'm open for commissions!
Find my contact details down below - Let's connect :)


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Wanna collab or have a chat?
Hit me up!

Nice, FR

Stockholm, SE


Thank you :)

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