I'm a soulful illustrator artist with a never-ending love for creating.
My heart is beating for bold colours, groovy beats, palm trees & inspiring people.

After a life full of self-learning drawing I graduated from the motion graphic design program at Hyper Island earlier this year - a space where I've been experimenting my aristic and hard skills side while exploring tools and ways to execute my identity, not only as a creator, but also as an independant entrepreneur.

Together with my energetic colour palettes I like to translate words or meaningful messages that speaks strongly to me into illustration/design - to make others see and feel it too.
Art is a genetic way for me to express in and I'm 
always driving myself into new ideas and challenges. 

I'm now open for commissions!
            Find my contact details here.

  - Currently in Nice, French Riviera 

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Nice, FR

Stockholm, SE

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